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One also needs to visit the Notary’s office in cases including the following:

  • Giving out certificates attesting the accuracy of copies of or extracts from books or documents including certificates whether academic or otherwise, produced by the parties, as compared with the originals of such books or documents;
  • Giving out certificates attesting the faithful translation of acts or documents from one language into another provided both languages are known to the Notary;
One also needs to visit the Notary’s  office in cases including the following:
  • Authenticating identities and signatures to documents, whether private or commercial or the mark of any person who is unable or does not know how to sign, affixed to any document by way of approval of the contents thereof in the presence of two qualified witnesses, after the Notary has explained such contents to the parties;
  • Preparing and executing Powers of Attorney, whether special or general and other documents, even for use abroad;
  • Administering statements and declarations sworn on oath and affidavits;
  • Witnessing and attesting of signatures;
  • Performing the ‘Apostille’ or legalisation service with Consulates, the Foreign Office and Foreign Embassies;
  • Signing applications or other acts relating to matter cognizable by a court of voluntary jurisdiction;
  • to receive on oath "acts of notoriety" in civil and commercial matters, and dying declarations;
  • Giving out on the demand of any person certificates in proof of the life or existence of such person;
  • Acts as a mediator;
  • Draft and witness private agreements such as business agreements, partnership agreement, profit sharing agreements and betrothal agreements; and
  • Generally exercises such other powers as are assigned to the Notary by law.

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