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Succession Matters in Malta and Gozo

My profession involves advising and assisting clients on how to best regulate their succession matters relating to their estate situated in Malta and Gozo, whilst at the same time respecting the clients’ wishes within the ambit of the Maltese law. After getting to know exactly what the client’s wishes are, I prepare the draft of the Will accordingly and a date convenient to all is set for the publication of the Will which always needs to be made in front of two competent witnesses.

It is advisable that clients, especially foreigners, who own a property in Malta or in Gozo, to make a Will to regulate their succession in relation to this particular property of theirs. The Maltese Will would normally be without prejudice to any other Will which the client may have already done abroad.

Once inheritance actually takes place, the beneficiary of the property needs to contact the Notary to sign within 6 months from date of death, a declaration of transfer by cause of death or causa mortis deed, upon which deed, stamp duty is payable.

Notarial fees are calculated according to the Notarial Council’s official Billing Calculator available here.

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