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Notary Services in Malta

Property Conveyancing

Property Conveyancing When a sale of a property is concerned, the procedure which sets the ball rolling is nearly always the signing of the preliminary agreement (also referred to as a ‘promise of sale’). This preliminary agreement is an agreement…
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This part of my profession involves advising and assisting clients on how to best regulate their succession matters relating to their estate situated in Malta and Gozo, whilst at the same time respecting the clients’ wishes within the ambit of…
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Other Services

One also needs to visit the Notary’s office in cases including the following: Giving out certificates attesting the accuracy of copies of or extracts from books or documents including certificates whether academic or otherwise, produced by the parties, as compared…
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Notary Services

Customer Due Diligence Protocols & Anti-Money Laundering Obligations

At the outset of a new transaction the Notary will require some detailed information from all the parties which either obligatory or deemed necessary for the proper discharge of particular obligations. In terms of Legal Notice 180/2008 the Notary is…
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