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About the Notary Public & Commissioner For Oaths in Malta & Gozo

I hold a degree of Doctor of Laws and Bachelor of Arts from the University of Malta from where I graduated in 2004. Straight after in 2005, I successfully completed from the same University, a post-graduate Masters degree in European and Comparative Law. Subsequently I was conferred the warrants to practise as a Notary Public and as a Commissioner for Oaths by the President of Malta on the 17th May 2004 and on the 23rd July 2004 respectively.

Since then I have been practicing the profession of a Notary Public and Commissioner for Oaths full-time in both Malta and Gozo. I have two offices, one at ‘The Duke’ in Victoria, Gozo and the other in Independence Avenue, Mosta, Malta from which two offices I normally serve my clients. However upon request and work permitting, I also serve clients outside my offices, even at one’s own home, anywhere in Gozo and in Malta.

I serve clients by appointment so I make sure that no one is kept waiting unduly.

My practice is insured with ''AIB Insurance Brokers Ltd''

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